Sunday, July 26, 2009

C Street is a "Dead End"

I couldn't resist taking this shot when I saw it. I was listening to the Rachel Maddow pod cast in my car while I was benching some trains at the howell train yard when I past this sign. I began to chuckle to myself and turned around to get this shot.
The reason this works is because of the pseudo "Christian" secret society called the "Family". It consists of a group of very conservative and very rich and very powerful men. They have an ultra conservative view point on the world and feel they have been anointed by God (like King David) to be leaders and to further their "christian" conservative ideals.
They also believe in the bond of secrecy (to me this is the beginning of something anti-christ, secrecy, money, and power don't mix) within organization, also the "Family"'s agenda comes before any other. A very scary situation.
Unfortunately for them and fortunately for everyone else they have had a lot of publicity lately. Both Senator Ensign (R-Nevada) and Governor Sanford (R-South Carolina) have been publicly humiliated by extra marital affairs. The problem for the Family is that both men have lived in the house at C Street and both admitted to getting advised while the affairs were happening. In fact in Ensign's case $94,000 was given to his mistress' husband (hush money) and her son was given a post in the Republican parties national committee. Sanford also admitted to getting counseling early on in his affair (it didn't end for a while) and getting advice on how to handle this publicly.
This has brought a much needed look into this kinda scary secret organization. I personally don't understand the need for secrecy if its a true Christian organization with nothing to hide, but thats just me.
Well thats what inspired this shot, hope you enjoy!!
Just do a search for "the family" and Rachel Maddow and MSNBC and you will find more info!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Art on the Move

Hello Everyone

I am using this blog as a way to post video and other moving files for my other blog on wordpress. I really like the blogger interface, but right now the few people that read me find me on wordpress..I will slowly merge these two accounts, but until then if you would like to read more of my articles and see more of my photos of the week please follow this link to my other pages. Thanks and may you have a great rest of the day or night which ever is appropriate.

Why I love Cameras and Still Images

Sometimes beauty is in the simple things around us that we take for granted everyday...thats what I love about cameras and still images...they freeze time so we might really enjoy a moment in depth and isolate aspects of the world around us so we might appreciate them!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

How Low Can A Career Get?

If you want to see how low a career can get look no further than Dennis Miller. This man has gone from bad to worse quickly. This man at one time was a mildly funny comedian with a small up side on SNL doing small bit parts and doing the news, to being O’Reilly’s butt boy. Sad days indeed for Miller. His right wing fanaticism wasn’t obvious back then and makes one wonder if he is not pandering to the only segment of the population that likes talentless people, especially talentless comedians; the right wing fringe or as they like to be called “the foxnation”. FOX “news” channel (news is in quotes because I use that word lightly when used with FOX) has become the home of the talentless and home of the dying career. Many of these has beens or never have beens seem to sell their souls to get this audience that wants its world with no diversity and lily “white” (I call it lily “shite” ;-) ).

This small segment of the population follow the people that will entertain them without challenging what they believe or challenging them to think. If you can get in with Rush (the drugster as I call him) or to a lesser degree O’Reilly (the o’liar as I call him); you have a built in audience that will buy what ever type of shit you are shoveling at they time. Again, as long as it doesn’t challenge them or their lifestyle of greed and dehumanizes anyone that disagrees with them.

This clip is an example of how low Miller has gone. Not only is the joke not funny and needs to be explained (a good joke doesn’t have to be explained), its racists and demeaning (not only to the person that he is targeting, but unwittingly himself).


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